Modern Day Witches & Warlocks

In March of 2011 the Lord began to deal heavily with me regarding witchcraft and how it has made its home in numerous churches throughout the body of Christ.  While on the road in Texas, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I had an unusual encounter with the heart-wrenching effects of an individual whose family was infiltrated by a witch who holds the office of a Pastor.   This individual’s entire life had been shaken because the witch had been doing incantations over her husband, resulting in his mind being warped and literally under satanic influence and control.  After recognizing this spirit and seeing the devastation that was caused in its wake, my burning heart was moved to anger.  Why anger?  Simple…this witch was using the office of a Pastor to destroy countless lives!  (There’s so much more to this story that I won’t go into in this post, but I do talk more about it in the teaching.  This witch is running loose in the city and is using the pulpit to gather followers to rob them of their time,talent, treasure, and tabernacle.  She is just one of many loose in the body of Christ today!)

Most of the time when we think of witches and warlocks we think of Halloween or The Wizard of Oz; when the truth is that most witches and warlocks are not visibly noticeable from the outside appearance.  What is even more perplexing is that what the Bible describes as the practice of witchcraft we all, at some point, have been guilty of.  Of course, just like with the Christian-faith, there are babies and those that are “seasoned”, or more mature.  It is the same in the practice of witchcraft and in dealing with witches and warlocks.  There are some individuals who have been operating under satanic control for so long that they have mastered the art and have moved to the ranks as generals in the devil’s army.  As a matter of fact a significant percentage of Church Leaders fall into this category.

In this teaching we will expose the enemy.  You will be educated in the knowledge of what witchcraft really is and what it looks like today.  You will be equipped to stomp out the spirit of witchcraft in your life, and most importantly you will be empowered to help someone else be freed from that very bondage!

Please know that here at Fred T. Williams Ministries we are under divine mandate to HELP the body of Christ and to serve mankind.  None of our teachings are meant in any way to bash preachers, believers, or any human-being for that matter.  We are firm believers in LOVE, and it is one of our most solemn core values as individuals and a true guiding principle for our lives and ministries.

For a love gift of only $2.99 you will be able to get all 3 parts of this teaching.  It is our earnest belief that this will surely be a blessing to your life.

– Pastor Fred

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